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           Thérapie Holistique par la Régression pour la formation visitez ici 

              Spiritual Regression Life between Lives Training  

Spiritual Regression Life Between Lives examines own soul memories from the last past life to the current life. It is based on and extends the research by Dr. Michael Newton and other regression hypnotherapists who work with past lives memories. (Eg, Andy TomlinsonDolores CannonIan Lawton). The aim of the course is to acquire the skills to bring the client into deep hypnosis, to assist in exploring the soul’s memory, and to help integrate memories. Clear energy field and assist at healing. The course contains theoretical interactive lectures, demonstrations,  pairs sessions and post course assignments. Student experiences his/her own between lives memory. The client will return to full consciousness with deeper understanding and commitment to live his/her current life purpose. He/she will be able to understand and activate unconditional love in him/her self and know reasons of circumstances and people in his/her life.

Students will experience and learn how to assist their clients to:

- work with and use hypnotic trance state 

 - experience his/her past life death, the process of leaving the physical body and meeting with the Spirit Guide/s  

- discover his/her spiritual family of souls who reincarnate in the same time on Earth, the reasons for being together in current life  

- review the progress of his own soul in past and a current lives

- see and understand the context of current life, the meaning of life, understand the relationships,

- heal relationships

- open access to memories outside of incarnation on Earth in relation with this life, and to experiences of various forms of consciousness if important

- view the soul’s memories of this incarnation, circumstances, choices, location, parents and the connection with the physical body

- clean the energy field from intrusive vibrations  and help to restore energy flow  

- initiate healing of karmic patterns from the spiritual level

- meet Beings of Light whose energy vibrations are much finer, and who advice the soul, connect for consultation with them

- channel from them

- connect to the Earth, life on Earth and grounding

- learn how to deal with problems during sessions

- learn how to conduct and interview, contraindications and  ethical responsibility

- learn the importance of therapist's self healing, grounding, clearing, protecting and harmonising own energy, continuous self development, working with colleagues   


The course consists of 6 days of intensive learning and practice, after course assignments, supervision of the work with 5 clients. Graduates that bind to the code of conduct and fulfil all requirements will receive a diploma. The tutorial is in compliance with  Earth Association for Regression Therapy however is not recognised as a regression therapy training.

Requirements for participation in the course Spiritual Regression Life Between Lives: Therapeutic practice with clients, experience in regression or/and hypnotherapy and energy/spiritual healing is advantage. An important aspect for  admission  is a progress in self-development on all levels. Ideally, the student has experienced a variety of treatments/healing methods, and is willing to learn and grow.

Head TrainerBernadeta Hodkova    Assistent: Anna Šteffekova

Private queries via email, skype (on request) or phone (voicemail) on appointment.


Tel: +33(0)668898266

French Pyrenees

Venue & Accommodation :  TBA

Dates: TBA

Course price:  € 800    includes tuition and 5 hours of supervision after completion of the course.  Deposit € 200   payable no later than two months in advance, by bank transfer. Price does not include accommodation.

 Training is registered with Counselling in France

The Netherlands 

Venue & Accommodation :   details will be announced asap

Dates: May 2015

Price:  € 800    includes tuition and 5 hours of supervision after completion of the course.  Deposit € 200   payable no later than two months in advance, by bank transfer. Price does not include accommodation.


                           Reiki Training  (France)

Reiki Level 1: 

The course takes 2 consecutive days for a group. Individually, and after a previous healing session, different arrangements can be discussed.

You learn the Reiki story, all the basics about energies and the way we exist within them, the human energy field, the power of thinking, the 5 Principles of Healthy and Happy Being, how Reiki works and how to use it to help yourself and others. There are 4 attunements, which will enable you to use Reiki straight away.

Reiki Level 2:

You learn how to pay attention to your intuition and how to recognize disturbances in the energy field. You’ll get 3 Reiki symbols and their use, learn how to send healing across time and space, mental healing and how to focus healing energy, how to clear spaces, self-protection and self-balance. There is 1 attunement involved. 

Reiki Level 3:

You learn the Master symbol and its use, how to create affirmations and to empower them, what is I AM and its use, meditations and working with your spirit guide/or higher self and, finally, working in the spirit realm. There is 1 attunement involved.

Reiki Level 4:

For those who decide to teach the Reiki system. 

                              Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy

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